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With a Grey Label having a much lower set up cost than a White Label, the commissions are usually high when compared to the commissions and maintenance fees of a White Label. The partial model provides business owners with no possibility to take deposits , while the full model enables clients to get both opportunities. Such a stage refers to the necessity of setting up the scope of services a broker is ready to offer for customers. Furthermore, the step is also related to creating a convenient and functional website, user-friendly UI, and other important features that influence an end-user’s choice. FX daily trading volumes have surpassed the mark of $7 billion, while the overall market’s worth is moving towards $3 quadrillion. Unbelievable numbers that open new horizons for both traders and brokerage companies.

forex white label solutions

A comprehensive assessment of market depth with three distinct views– Standard depth, Price depth, and VWAP depth. Whether a novice or a professional trader, our mobile app allows traders an easy access to the markets. Gain Capital is a well-established firm that has more than 18 years of experience in enabling businesses that have complementary product portfolios to expand and grow their offering.

Solid Partnerships with Best-in-Class Implementation tailored to your business

Although you will find free white label platforms like these in the market, they are proprietary in nature; that is, offered only by a particular brokerage firm. This poses a huge risk to to the future success of a white label provider. First of all, it is more difficult to convince traders to use a platform that is not popular. And let’s not even get started with the competition with other entrepreneurs fighting for the title of “Best Forex Broker” at all costs. You don’t need prior experience in the lottery business to start yours today.

There are a lot of web traders who provide white-label platforms to their clients. These platforms are fully functional and are customizable to enable companies to reduce costs and improve ROI in no time. Selecting a WL solution as a forex provider implies that you won’t need to develop your platform, find PSP’s, buy a server, deal with the technical requirements, or deal with the needed configurations. There are many Forex white label providers out there, but not all of them are free. Some providers will charge you a monthly fee, while others will take a percentage of your profits.

Customer Incentives – What do You Have to Offer?

FX Trade Tools is a fintech company focused on developing IT solutions for banks, forex traders, stock and commodity exchanges, forex brokers, institutions, stockbrokers, stock traders, and developers for over 10 years. If you want to run a successful online business, you have to sub-contract work that you are not https://xcritical.com/ an expert in. If you are not good at developing trading platforms, you will take a long time to learn how to do it, and without a guarantee that you will do it perfectly. On the other hand, white label service providers have the technical expertise to create and develop a properly functioning brokerage platform.

  • MetaTrader 4/5 White Label allows you to get a highly customised solution that suits your own branding and trading conditions.
  • In this arrangement, you obtain the Grey Label license from a Whitelabel broker and the branding of the Grey label broker is separate from that of the technology provider .
  • Advisory services, such as websites that provide analysis of the FX or futures market, financial newsletter or report providers, etc. might also benefit by equipping their clients with the capability to trade FX online.
  • Therefore, the lottery white label is a better business model based on customer loyalty.
  • Therefore, you should rely on specified factors that indicate a good white label for forex services.
  • That’s because the white label solutions use the most advanced forex technologies in the market, which are currently running effectively in the forex industry.
  • We are a globally recognised and trusted brokerage firm with over 10 years of solid online trading expertise and over 40 international awards servicing more than 1.2 million retail clients worldwide.

The main WL manufactures are customer friendly and their top priority is to attend to the needs of their clients. They prioritize the financial and business requirements of their clients. Therefore, rather than building your platform from scratch, and trying to find the best technology to use which comes with high costs, new brokerage firms are attracted to reliable companies that offer White label services. Partial White Label – This is the most straightforward white label solution. If you want to put your brand on MT4 and don’t want to take deposits from your customers, this is your best option.

However, in order to determine which one of them is more advantageous, you need to make a comparison between them by taking into consideration some key factors. Given the unique advantages and disadvantages of full and partial white label solutions, it is crucial that your Forex company chooses the right one. After you complete our short form, we’ll first discuss with you your objectives and ideas; then, recommend the best solution – the one that will give your branded FX business the best chance to succeed. Just because you have the money to brand your own FX platform and start a private label business doesn’t mean you’ll become an instant success .

Simply put yourself in your clients’ shoes and come up with a convincing list of incentives that will convince your customers to do business with you. If you plan on having a physical location to meet or train clients, you need to factor in office leasing costs, occupational/licensing fees, security expenses, etc. Depending on your geographical location, this can add a few thousand dollars a month to your list of business expenses. Why you should use forex white label for your brokerage as three steps.

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Had MetaQuotes got into the forex brokerage business instead of offering MT4 Admin Licenses and MT4 White Label license, they might not have been as successful today as a forex technology company. You would have concluded yourself that the White Label in Forex creates a perfect synergy where all the participants get access to advanced forex trading software and brokerage forex white label solutions solutions at a far lower cost. The estimated costs of starting your own white label forex company can vary from $10,000 USD to $25,000 USD, depending on the extent of the services required of each individual brokerage company. If you are planning to start a forex brokerage or any other forex related business, you will find the technology and solution providers here.

forex white label solutions

You need to know the kind of market that your business will be targeting. Of course, FX is a global business and you have the option of having a broad target market. However, you need to specify your market so that your FX white label service provider can enhance features based on the selected market.

ICM Capital Account Types

That being said, we wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that you as an entrepreneur understand that the cost of launching or setting up is only the beginning. Leave out the risk and learn the ropes of forex trading with Fidelis CM Demo Account. Get complete access to the best video lessons and blogs from the foremost forex experts. Keep your traders informed, increase leads, profit through subscription fees and stay at the cutting edge of Forex trading with our high-quality white label content.

forex white label solutions

That’s because the white label solutions use the most advanced forex technologies in the market, which are currently running effectively in the forex industry. Essentially, the white label solutions help to cut production costs while increasing your customer base. In the Forex market, White label providers offer platforms or services to brokers who then offer those same services to their clients under their own brand name. A good business model is that which the customer can get into without prior knowledge of how the product sells. Unlike the working of an FX white label, the lottery is pretty simple; you just buy tickets, choose lucky numbers, and wait for the draw to see if your lucky numbers are drawn.

What are the best forex white label solutions?

Moreover, apart from the monthly fee or commission paid to the MT4/MT5 WhiteLabel solutions provider, there will eventually be a cost and hassle involved with the transition to a White Label at some point. Not to mention, the dependability on them for all your technology needs, glitches, and downtime. The foremost concern is to find a reliable company that offers WL solutions for FX brokers. Glance over the reviews and brief characteristics of a primary broker to understand whether it is worth dealing with or not.

Our team will tailor the most suitable white label MT4 arrangement for your needs. MT5 White Label is a ready-made option which enables you to launch your FOREX broker instantly. We would like to conclude this article by reiterating; White Label in FOREX is WIN-WIN for everyone operating in the forex market. Hope we could give a far better explanation of what is White Label in FOREX and how it’s beneficial for everyone operating in the forex market. Ensure an immaculate reputation by managing your clients, partners, and sales from a single interface seamlessly.


This will allow you to focus on marketing your business and delivering excellence to your clients. Since there is a growing number of forex traders, credibility and reputation are what you need to succeed in this field. White label solutions are very popular in forex because they offer a great reputation.

CBroker is an administrative tool and settings panel which combines and follows every detail going through the system. Crafted for simplicity of use, cBroker gives you full control over your trading environment. Completely transparent operations and details are always at your disposal, giving you full control of every component.

Find out more about what each sоlution offers and what is the best chоice for you. The WL SMTP server allows for the daily sending of account statements with a specified digital signature. Coordinating the upkeep of trade servers and making sure a solid backup plan is in place. An order with no specified price, which is placed to meet or accept the current market Best Bid or Offer.

A full white label partner normally also performs the due diligence on the clients (verification of ID, proof of residence, etc.) and handles the paperwork . Based on the country the company running the full white label is formed, licensing with a regulatory body might be required. There are dozens of trading platforms at the disposal of a brokerage firm; as for now, Meta Trader 4 and 5 stand out as the top solutions, in control of 34.4% and 14.3% of the Forex market, accordingly. It is designed to support professional brokers and Introducing Brokers in setting up their own Forex Brokerage Company or IB agency. To that effect, the white-label program includes all the essential tools and back-office support. Offering a full range of necessities throughout the brokerage range is a solution that is as suitable for newcomers to the market as it is for more experienced, already well-established players.

If you do have a complementary business like this with many visitors, a generic white label program might work even if you’re not offering any incentives to make your firm stand out in the crowd. That foundation will be weak unless the brokerage firm that you decide to use, the one that will provide your platform and trade execution, is good. In fact, the entire success of your business as a private label is piggybacked on the quality and reliability of the broker that you choose.

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